Our Network

The PRNet 33017 Talkgroup is connected to the PRNet Echolink Conference 24x7 this way you can connect to the DMR talkgroup even if you don’t have a DMR Radio. Trustee is K2PZB Javier in Elizabeth NJ.

The PRdise repeater in DMR Trustee KP4EOP is located on the outskirts of the town of Aguas Buenas, at 2300 feet elevation. The repeater is a 50 watt Hytera RD985 with a 6db antenna at 150 feet AGL. Repeater Frequency 447.425 Offset: -5,000 Color 1. This is an open repeater on the BrandMeister world network. The repeater has both time slots (Time Slots) linked to Brandmeister Master 3102 in Dallas, Texas.

The only Static Group (TG) programmed is TG 3300. This talk group will be routed to the repeater at any time there is activity and spread if someone has requested it or not. All other conversation groups are dynamic.

In radio programming, all LOCAL conversation groups (Local QSO) must be sent to the time slot (TS) 2, the TG3300 and TG330 must be sent to TS1. TS2 should only be used for locals and throughout the state so it is kept as free as possible for that traffic. You can use any of the BrandMeister chat groups that are scheduled on the master site as long as you use the time zone information in the previous paragraph. It is very important to know that this repeater is to be used only with digital radios DMR to DMR and not in connection with any other system (eg Allstar, IRLP, Echolink) and others. For those connections there are other TG available.

Analogic Repeater 448.950MHz with tone 151.4 located in Barranquitas Puerto Rico. It is the only one so far in P.R. with Bridge ASL to DMR. Converting from Digital to Analog and from Analog to Digital. It has DMR Talkgroup 33017 (PRNET), P25, Echolink PRNET Conference, Allstar Node 42972 and IRLP Nodes 7342 and 7442. You can talk Analog to Digital and from Digital to Analog connected to Talk Group TG-33017 (PRnet) on the Brandmeister Network. Trustee of 448.950MHz is KP3IV

Repeater 146.750MHz with Tone 100.0 located in the Town of Isabela. This account with Allstar node 45929, Echolink KP4ILO-R and connected to the Echolink PRNET Conference. Trustee: Joaquin Pabon KP4ILO